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Founded in 1997 in İstanbul by İrfan Yavuz.

We still design special projects with various functions in various fields.

We focus on making our customer feel the benefits of working with a “boutique architecture company”.

We believe in that understanding the lifestyle, values, dreams, environmental relations, interaction with crowds of our customers and transforming these aspects into an “architectural approach” is the origin of our work.

As we create an original and concept architectural design we adopt an architectural philosophy which succeeds in forming a relationship between the space and customer’s story.

In every design, our aim is to create a unique living space. We unite the artistic sides of an improvable boutique design approach that is custom, independent and deviant as well.

We believe in that finding the perfect forms in creative details and accomplishing them with an architectural discipline is one of the elements of success in our job.

We deem it is a part of building long-lasting works to use architectural designs which inspire us without getting enchanted by temporary trends and not to allow aesthetic concerns obscure functionality as well as integrating unlimited production technologies to enrich project’s abilities.

From concept developing to implementing, we conduct all phases of the work and undertake other requirements of the project to finalize it.


Ideas, lines, forms and spaces Who knows what else emanates from
years of history?



Bodrum T : 0252 319 05 05
İstanbul T : 0216 386 24 05
Ankara T : 0312 431 23 91
E – Mail info@teramimarlik.com
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